Creative Team (and cast)

Cast biographies as at 2004 when the show was running - kept this way for posterity.

Ashley Frieze

Ashley is very excited to be playing the part of “Ashley” in this show. “It’s almost like the part was written for me.” he says.

Ashley has recently appeared in Chess with Tynemouth AOS, My Fair Lady and Camelot with Durham Musical Theatre Company, and he performs regularly on the stand-up comedy circuit. The Musical! is his most challenging project to date.

Ashley met Chris in 2002 and they have collaborated on writing two musicals – this is their second. On working with Chris, Ashley says “Chris has to put up with a lot from me. I don’t know how he manages it. Despite my obvious shortcomings, we still seem to have a lot of fun.”

These days you can find Ashley at

Chris Parr

This is Chris’s first leading role in a musical he has co-written. “I feel quite lucky to have landed the role of Chris,” he says, “I’m not sure whether I was the obvious choice for the role, but I’ve really made it my own.”

Chris appeared in musicals in his home town, Bolton, including Grease, Little Shop of Horrors and West Side Story, in his favourite role – Riff. He performed around Newcastle with local band 3 Hours Wasted and in the North West with Provada.

Chris has written a number of shows, including a short musical as part of his college course, and for the educational theatre group, STROBE, which he co-founded.

Chris accidentally started Ashley’s song-writing career, late one night in May 2002. On working with Ashley, Chris says “Ashley can do amazing things with fruit. He once peeled a Kiwi and made me eat it whole, and I’ll never forget the time he gave me a barbecued banana.”

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