Two amateur song writers, Ashley and Chris, meet in a pub and dare each other to write a musical. They meet at Ashley's house to give it a try and use instructions found in a book Ashley bought from an ancient Japanese Gypsy. The book proves to be cursed and, when they accidentally write the opening number about themselves, the characters find themselves trapped in their own show. They have to write all the songs to get to the ending to be released.

Chris bares his soul in a song about being a writer and the musical starts to come together. Ashley, however, has more difficulty expressing himself and his song about how wonderful he is goes off the rails until Chris shows him a little friendship and helps him end it. In a duet, they discuss how getting through the show would make a great story at parties and end up becoming rather ineffective Noel Coward-alikes.

Then the love scene comes along and Chris isn't keen. Ashley assures him things will be fine and they both get carried away in a rather tender love song.

Interrupted in their writing by a phone call from the villian of the piece, Chris's boss, Chris is inspired to sing a James Bond-theme-styled rant about working for the man. However, tragedy strikes when Ashley finds out that his mum has become a prostitute and so, following the rules of musicals, has just died.

In a desperate attempt to finish the show, the characters do a song and dance routine about teamwork. This goes horribly wrong, leaving Ashley reduced to a cross-dressed failure. As Chris is finally given the chance to write a song his way, the pair apologise to each other and the spell is broken.

The audience would decide if the musical was a success or failure, and whether the characters should be released or cast into an eternity of damnation for their efforts. No audience was harsh enough to do the latter.


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1. Let's write a musical - opening number in the pub
2. S.H.O.W - accidentally writing a show about themselves
3. When you're a writer - how Chris feels being a writer
4. How wonderful am I? - Ashley proves how wonderful he isn't
5. A great story at parties - an attempt to be Noel Coward which nearly completely fails
6. I'm beginning to see you in a different light - it's the love song
7. He's a... - how much do you hate your boss?
8. If your mum... - remember the rule in musicals - a prostitute will have a child and then die tragically before the show finishes
9. Teamwork - a song and dance number about working together
10. Higher again - 9 key changes and a song of apology

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